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2022 Keynote Speaker: Sunyoung Park

Sunyoung Park is associate professor in the departments of East Asian Languages and Cultures and of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Southern California. She is the author of The Proletarian Wave: Literature and Leftist Culture in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945 (Harvard University Asia Center, 2015) and the editor of Revisiting Minjung: New Perspectives on the Cultural History of 1980s South Korea (University of Michigan Press, 2019). In synergy with her research, Park is also active as an editor and translator of Korean fiction into English, which has resulted, among others, in the publication of three collections of short stories: On the Eve of the Uprising and Other Stories from Colonial Korea (Cornell East Asian Series, 2010); Readymade Bodhisattva: The Kaya Anthology of Science Fiction from South Korea (Kaya Press, 2019); and On the Origin of Species and Other Stories by Bo-Young Kim (Kaya Press, 2021). She is currently working on a monograph entitled Amazing Stories: Science Fiction and the Politics of Modernization in South Korea, 1960-2010.

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Based at the East-West Center in Hawai'i, the ASDP Alumni Association was established to help Asian Studies Development Program program alumni support ASDP in its efforts to enhance undergraduate teaching and learning about Asian cultures and societies, and to support the East-West Center (EWC) in its mission of contributing to the realization of a just, prosperous and equitable Asia-Pacific community. The ASDP Alumni Association cooperates with the East-West Center Association (EWCA) Executive Board and the EWC Alumni Association Office to promote activities and initiatives consistent with the EWC mission. All ASDP Alumni are invited to join/renew membership and to follow us on Twitter

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With volunteer assistance, the ASDP Alumni Association promotes initiatives, activities, and news about ASDP alumni and programs, and other content relevant to expanding and enhancing undergraduate Asian studies. The ASDP Alumni Association is a Federal 501(c)3 corporation.



On Monday, March 22, 2021, ASDP Alumni Association board members voted unanimously to draft and post the following statement of sympathy for and solidarity with Asian-Americans and Asian non-residents in the USA.

The murder of eight people in Atlanta on Tuesday, March 16, is a violent reminder of the increase in racism and violence experienced by the Asian-American and non-resident Asian communities in the USA. The ASDP Alumni Association stands in solidarity with all Asian-Americans and visiting Asian scholars and students against racism, xenophobia, gender violence, and hate. We, the almuni of the ASDP, are committed to sharing Asia's literary histories, cultures, philosophies, and geographies with our colleagues and students. Our commitments, however, cannot be limited to our classrooms. Through this public statement, we affirm that the United States remains a country that values Asia's cultural and intellectual contributions on our campuses and in our communities. We at the ASDP Alumni Association send our deepest sympathies to our neighbors, who are the victims of this unnecessary tragedy.